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When it comes to commercial refrigerator coolers, you need to be able to depend on your equipment.

You need True® Refrigeration.

The equipment brand is well-known and well-respected in Canada and around the world for commercial applications as well as professional kitchens because the quality is clear and the coolers are built to last.

Plus, there is a True Refrigeration equipment to suit every need. Choose from True commercial fridges and True coolers for food service and retail display as well as certain custom residential installations.

Types of True® Refrigerators

Your cooling needs could require a True bar fridge or a True beverage refrigerator. The two sound similar but a True beverage fridge is different than a True under-counter refrigerator and both of them are different from a True display fridge or a True mini fridge.

That’s important because the need for commercial and custom refrigeration is unique. Each company or person needs a True Fridge that fits those needs specifically. That’s why there is a True fridge freezer combo as well as a True glass door fridge, True prep fridge, True keg fridge, True back bar fridge, True Coca-cola fridge, True sandwich fridge, True salad fridge, True beer fridge, True milk cooler, True floral cooler, True wine fridge and more.

Every True upright cooler, True merchandiser cooler, and True prep cooler is built with your specific needs in mind. There is also a True beer keg fridge, True glass cooler, True glass door refrigerator, True reach-in refrigerator, True stand-up refrigerator, and True wine refrigerator sized to fit in your kitchen or retail store.
True brand refrigerator equipment is available in six basic configurations.

True® Single Door Refrigerator

True single door refrigerators are available in both glass door and stainless steel door configurations. You can also opt for True single door coolers in specific heights and depths, from back bar to food prep to floor-to-ceiling displays, there is a True single door fridge for every situation.

True® 2 Door Fridge

For larger scale operations, there is the True 2 door refrigerator. This cooler has all the diversity of the True single door cooler in a wider format. True double for refrigerator models are made for many of the same uses as the single door fridge, but the True 2 door cooler is generally wider. The True double door cooler offers easier access to both sides thanks to having two doors and it makes storing wide trays simple.

True 3 Door Fridge

The True 3 door refrigerator takes the True two-door cooler one step further. True 3 door coolers offer even more storage for larger displays and more kitchen refrigeration. Like other True models, the True three-door cooler is available in different heights, widths, and depths.

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